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About Us

we are startup to provide tailormade solutions by leveraging accumulated experience behind us

Problem well defined in half-solved

"Defining a problem accurately is crucial part of designing a solution. Your experience itself will support like a guide in this direction. Innovative ideas provide you distinct identity."

Based on above belief we have started this entity and progressing steadily to become remarkable identity. Our experienced team helps in provide quick, qualitative and cost-effective solutions. Flexibility that is brought on the platter due to petite nature of team, helps greatly adopting latest opportunities.

Working out of India, we are reaching with fast pace to clients across the globe. Ultimately, our aim is to provide software solutions to any business needs in cost effective and timely manner using experience and innovative ideas.

Our Services

Spectrum of our services is spread from desktop to web applications with intention to provide flexible solutions

Web applications

Web applications provide flexible internet browser based front end. Thus, on one hand it gives, attractive user interface on the other hand also gives strength of computation and data handling at back end as that take place on server. We provide service to host web applications in dedicated servers as well as in cloud using ASP.MVC with HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Angular, Kedo UI etc.

SharePoint solutions

Microsoft SharePoint is great platform to implement organization’s websites which also work as web applications and provide facility of workflows, schedulers, document sharing with great security. Highly customizable in nature, SharePoint supports browser based as well as mobile interface. With huge experience related to SharePoint we provide end-to-end solutions.

Desktop applications

Desktop applications continue to share the responsibility of providing sturdy computation and extensive user interface with ease of use for many novice users. They have unique requirement in the area of CAD/CAM and scientific research. We provide all services, like implementation, maintenance of legacy software and automation of Desktop application for integration with other platforms.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications provide great ease of access hence they are very popular. Architecture and Design is very critical for Mobile applications because of miniature nature. Security is also very important. Publishing on various app stores requires satisfying the requirements and conditions. We provide service to Design, Implement and publishing on Apple as well as Google play store.


We have team with sizable software development experience in large organizations. As part of consultancy we help solving incidental problems faced by a software product development or software service providers. We cater to desktop applications, mobile applications, automation of CAD/CAM applications, SharePoint portals, cloud based and other web applications etc.

E-Commerce portals

We can setup complete E-Commerce portal with secured content and online payment. Product catalogue check out cart, pricing based on product attributes like color and quantity, Discounts, Coupons, Gift cards, Shipping charges calculation and Reward points are few typical features. Attractive themes, ease of use and digital promotion are other important things we cater to.

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